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In Taryana we took advantage of Apachat's native infrastructure and it's innovation based knowledge so that we could overcome geographic barriers and facilitate our live broadcasting softwares in the interest of our dear iranian users in over 44 social service providers. Apachat is a state of the art media service, it's produced contents is purely stream based so neither will it be edited nor kept in archive and it will always be carrying the elements of truthfulness and being in the moment. Apachat is a direct media service representing agility, honesty and equal opportunity. also, all of our services are simulcast based and they don't support re streaming.


Range of activity

Top Six Activities

Artificial Intelligence

Are systems capable of conducting human like smart reflexes and countermeasures such as recognizing complex conditions, simulating thinking process or finding answers, learning abilities and knowledge or arguments and solving problems on their own.

Tactical Tools

Are tools designed specifically for particular situations such as natural disasters, impassable regions, unsuitable climates and any other areas that are either hard to pass through or are too dangerous so that specialists could remove these barriers accordingly.

Game development

Is the art of developing, designing and releasing a game. The procedure of designing concepts and rules in stages like pre-development, gameplay, story and character design is also part of this category.

Live broadcast

Is the instant and online transportation of audio and video from event location. Program viewers are able to directly watch the event online via their smart TV or phone, laptop or other similar equipment.


Is the list of activities that result in safeguarding the countries crucial infrastructures against cyber threats and dangers. Due to increasing influence of cyberspace on people's lives these days, it is necessary to make use of such systems.


All of the softwares except operating systems that we use on a daily bases are somehow considered as an application except operating systems. As you know cellphones have different softwares thus all of them are it's applications actually.


Top products

Customers' top three choices of products

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Category: Simultaneous Live Broadcast

Which is responsible for gathering all messages sent by user's audiences from different networks while he or she is streaming live. In the beginning it could cover 5 of the most popular service providers but now it can cover over 44 services simultaneously.

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Category: Simultaneous Live Broadcast

Which simultaneously displays it's user's live broadcast in 44 different service providers worldwide. Also, operating it is pretty simple and users won't need to get involve with complicated technicalities and with few simple steps your live broadcast gets more viewers instantly. This service is pro gamer' first choice specially those who want to stream on Aparat via console.

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Category: Tactical tools

Is programmed with purpose of being used in critical and emergency situations to inform it's target society and declare needs which is why it works independently and doesn't use the internet. Notice that this tool gets started as easy as turning on your Hotspot on your mobile and it doesn't need any complex and expensive telecommunication infrastructure while it could cover hosting infinite users.


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